Thursday, October 30, 2008

finally the rain

We have been dry, and I mean seriously dry, since May. We had one serious rain in late summer and that was it. Today was marked by sprinkles on and off, enough to feed the lawn for a day or two, but not likely to raise our reservoirs. In the East Bay we've been in conservation mode for months now. It being just me, a hawk, and a lawn that I don't mind killing, I'm well under the allotment.

We went hawking, caught one pretty quickly, and drove dozens of miles for a pair of slips, neither of which were caught. Mr P kept trying to catch the one on the other side of a cyclone fence. I don't understand why, since he usually knows his fences. By the end of the route the rain was just enough to keep quarry up on the poles. But at least we got one.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

what is a "real" American, anyway?

America includes all of us.

"Real" America does not mean just the Republican party. This country was founded as a place where people could find refuge from the oppressiveness of other countries. Freedom of opinion and expression is its most important tenet.

I lean towards Democratic. My friends include electricians, house painters, teachers, janitors -- people who the McCain campaign would consider the salt of the earth -- and we are all voting for Obama. We were all born and raised here. We work our asses off to keep paying the mortgage and send our kids to school. We're all Joe the Plumber, except we actually have our own licenses, and we can't afford $250K to buy a business.

But because we're not Republicans we must be fake Americans.

I want to see T-shirts that read "Joe the Plumbers for Obama."

Edit: and here it is!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

poetry corner commercial break

The trail winds up, sometimes steep
The trail winds me, and I stop, lungs a slow bellows
Amid the cool cushions of redwood scent or snappy bay
Lately on these harder trails I have come to believe
That right here, under my sternum, I have a third lung.
It is exactly where my heart would be, if I still had one.
As I hike up, pushing my pulse, sometimes I suck the air
In and in and in and in, and in a little more:
And I feel the third lung open up a slight creak.
I think if I push hard and far enough, that lung will one day fully fill
Take the heart’s place so I won’t have to feel emptied of love

Thursday, October 09, 2008

the bulldog's out

I cannot believe this Palin. She's coming within a hairbreadth of saying, "The niggah wants our white wimmen." I mean, come on! Obama a terrorist plotting the overthrow of America? Does anyone believe that crap? A more salient question is why she hasn't been thrown in jail for hate speech.

She's being Rove in drag, but unlike him, she's a vice presidential candidate. More seemly behavior should be in order. But then again, the Republican party has been the party of serious mud for the last 12 years.

Keep up the good work, lady. The undecideds and the moderates don't like white supremacists. If anything's going to make Obama win, it's Palin.