Thursday, October 30, 2008

finally the rain

We have been dry, and I mean seriously dry, since May. We had one serious rain in late summer and that was it. Today was marked by sprinkles on and off, enough to feed the lawn for a day or two, but not likely to raise our reservoirs. In the East Bay we've been in conservation mode for months now. It being just me, a hawk, and a lawn that I don't mind killing, I'm well under the allotment.

We went hawking, caught one pretty quickly, and drove dozens of miles for a pair of slips, neither of which were caught. Mr P kept trying to catch the one on the other side of a cyclone fence. I don't understand why, since he usually knows his fences. By the end of the route the rain was just enough to keep quarry up on the poles. But at least we got one.

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