Monday, December 29, 2008

a decent meet

Got to see a goshawk chase a jack, and the pigeon derby ("pigeon derby" NOT "sky trials," meaning a pigeon might die) was fun. (As it was, Hanford has added 10 new healthy pigeons to its population, one for each entrant in the contest.)

I didn't catch as many as I expected, but it was a new place for me and I didn't know where to find slips. Country crows are much more car-shy than suburbia/industrial crows -- they get on the wing much earlier, too early for the HH.

I had a chance to see how old friends were doing and got to know some faces better. I'm total crap when it comes to faces/names and hawks flown when given in a 3-minute conversation, but when you kick back and hang out for a while I absorb much more. Old faces became friends.

Yes, she did come to me, not as completely I would have wished, but the possibility of a future with her looks a bit more real. And at the same time I'm less saddened by the idea of a future without her.

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