Monday, December 15, 2008

feeling stupid

Some friends and I are going trapping after Christmas, so I put out a trap for some bait birds. I don't want to catch one now, so I left the door open. Blaine's traps have a rubber flap as a safety seal in addition to the door, but I didn't prop that open.

I set it out this morning and didn't bother checking the trap until well after dark. Frankly, I'm not even sure why I did -- having assumed a sparrow could get out easily enough by pushing the flap -- but some microgram of responsibility sent me outside.

Inside was one damp, miserable whitecrowned. Poor guy. I took him to the garage and started looking for a box so he'd be a bit warmer and definitely drier overnight. I'd let him loose in the morning.

Naturally, while I was distracted with poking around the shelves with a bird in my hand, he got loose. Flew around the garage confusedly. Sigh. Well, he will be a bit warmer and definitely drier. I'll leave the back door open tomorrow.

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