Wednesday, December 03, 2008

redtail slow (like snail slow, but faster)

She's coming along as well as can be expected. She's down to 1152 grams and hasn't eaten yet. This is normal; I'm guessing she will probably eat by Friday. Redtails are durable hawks and have very good metabolisms. The manning hasn't progressed as rapidly as it should. I used to take a few days off after trapping a new bird; this time I haven't, so she still flares up and stares at me, open-mouthed. I've probably been slowing down the process by giving her water. She would probably eat sooner if I didn't -- redtails get most of their water from prey, and rarely drink.

Still, she's been calming more quickly as time goes on. Like my favorite tiercel RT she also seems to like being scritched on the breast.

I made a new hood for her -- I had just one female hood, and it was so squashed, stretched, and floppy it was hard to put on. The new one is the same size, just a pinch taller, but half a pinch too tall. It will do, though. RTs are durable.

And I think she's probably a small-medium female. There's a lot of size variation and I won't really know more until she eats, but even if it was 1000 that would still be considerably bigger than your average tiercel.

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