Saturday, December 20, 2008

seeing seven pounds

I went into this movie not knowing anything about the plot. About 60 minutes later, I still didn't know anything about the plot. I was somewhere between still curious, weary from trying to figure out why, and bored because I was just waiting for the answer. It only pulls it all together in the last half hour.

But when it pulled together it hit me harder than expected. Will Smith's character is bestowing gifts to seven people he decides are deserving of a better life. (This is to make up for seven people whose lives he took through cavalier use of a Blackberry while driving.) He deeds his remote beach house to a woman who's getting stalked and beaten up by her boyfriend, bone marrow to a cancer-stricken boy. His final donation, by way of his own suicide, is his heart, to a woman with heart disease, with whom he has cautiously fallen in love.

The donation bit was what made this movie hard for me to watch. The mate needed a pair of lungs and didn't get them in time. We didn't need a guilt-stricken suicidal engineer, it could have been anyone. If only, though, if only.

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