Sunday, January 25, 2009

dog behavior

I've found he has problems with small enclosed spaces. It takes a huge amount of coaxing to get him into the car. All the happy talking and treats just don't do much good. One time I had to just pick him up and put him in there. He came from the pound -- until now, being in cars hasn't resulted in anything good.

We took a 3.5 mile trail walk today, which he liked, but I when we got home I found a tick on me, so I thought I might give him a bath. He does smell a little, too, though nothing bad. But he wouldn't go into the bathroom: another tight space. Eventually I decided to bag the bath and just get him to go in. I put his dinner there, which made him trot back and forth whining with indecision for five minutes. He finally stepped in a bit at a time, stretched himself out as long as he could go, took a bite, and backed out asap. He repeated this a bunch of times, but each time he stayed a little longer and backed out less.

I may do this with the car, too.

Other than that I think he's starting to settle in. He's started to fetch with some enthusiasm. I'd like to let him *really* run in a big space off-leash but don't yet trust him to come back. Fenced dog parks aren't that big anyway, and there isn't one anywhere in town, either.

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