Wednesday, January 07, 2009

headset followup

Forehead-slapping time.

Apparently there are two kinds of adapters, audio-only (for headphones) and audio+mike (for handsfree headsets). The adapter I bought on Ebay was the former, but was described as a "headset adapter." I just assumed they all had the microphone function. And one wonders if the microgram of metal saved in the audio-only adapter is such a huge savings to the manufacturer that it's worth their while to have two types.

So... I went shopping again. Some of them, though described as headset adapters, say things like "Not compatible with adjustable volume type headsets" or sneak the phrase "audio adapter" in the fine print. To me, that's not plain English. Most employ a common habit with advertising and completely omit saying what the item doesn't do.

Eventually I found an adapter that was clearly described as being meant to connect a phone headset. It costs about twice as much but it's what I need.

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