Monday, January 05, 2009

headset headaches

Me and headsets are just not meant for each other.

I've had 3 bluetooth headsets in the past 2 years, and none of them have been very comfortable and they seem to be grbling all the time.

I figured this was due to it being bluetooth and tried a plug-in headset. The first one I bought was a total piece of cheap crap, with a painfully hard earbud, a boom mike that was perpetually dropping and the whole thing sliding off my ear like it was made of greased teflon.

After research I decided the Jabra was probably going to be the most versatile: a selection of earpieces and a shape that looked like it would stay in place. I got one through Amazon and my guess was right. It was super comfortable and I could put it on either ear.

The first problem, though, was that the connector wasn't the right one. The Amazon vendor had said it was for a Samsung, but it was the standard 2.5mm connector, not the 20-pin. They refunded me a few dollars to buy an adapter.

When the adapter arrived, I found the headset didn't work -- no sound at all. Having been a computer troubleshooter all my life, it took no thought to try the Jabra with my mom's phone, which did have a 2.5mm. Still didn't work.

The Amazon vendor cheerfully refunded the balance and I bought another Jabra on Ebay. This arrived today, I hooked it to the adapter and to my phone. Lovely -- I heard everything loud and clear, even needed to turn the volume down. Then I noticed this Jabra's voice-command activation button doesn't seem to work. Well, it wasn't that big a deal, it's not like my thumbs have been amputated. To test it, I called K0, and got voicemail. I started leaving a message and got the recorded voice asking if I wanted to leave a callback number. I press the buttons to review my voice message.

No message, just silence. The mike doesn't work. Or, possibly, the adapter connects on the speaker but not the mike. I'm going to have to borrow someone else's phone to test.

But right now I am about ready to wind all these little wiry bits and pieces onto a fireplace poker and slowly heat them until their insulation melts and bleeds.

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