Saturday, January 31, 2009

well, usually

Good dog:

A couple trips to our local dog park has turned him into a car convert, almost. On our way out, he's happy to get in. Going home is harder, but not nearly the ordeal it was.

He's considering fetching. He'll do it a little, but he's much more keyed into running with other dogs and any human. Balls are a degree of separation. But he's starting to do it a little.

He's a total love bug. He goes into ecstatic bliss when I rub him on the head, collapsing like a cat (yeesh) with all feet in the air.

For entertainment, he picks up windfall apples, tosses them in the air, and chases them. The only problem there is that he eats them, too.

Bad dog:

I don't think he'll ever like being in water. His fur is pretty thin in places, so in some ways I can't blame him.

He's chewed two power cords -- I'm going to need to buy a new paper shredder. Maybe one day he'll find out that's a really bad idea.

He seems to want lots of stimulation. He'll find cardboard boxes, sticks, plastic bags, anything, and get on a project to drag them to his favorite spot in the yard and tear them up. On my workdays I never know what I'll find when I come home. To my dismay he's "trimmed" the lower half of the feijoa, and I'm worried he'll inadvertently kill my baby lemon verbena, which is only 6" high right now.

Super dog:

He needs an hour of serious running every day, or some running and a decent walk. Last time at the park he met his match in a Jack Russell, who ran and played so long that when we came home, he collapsed for several hours, alternating between the warm sun in the backyard and the cool under the car.


The general concensus is that he's pit, lab, and maybe some Australian shepherd. The white on his chest has grey spots, i.e. ticking. From his narrow shoulders, I thought he was some other terrier, but a lot of people have said he has a pit's head. When he yawns, one can see his jaw at the hinge end is very broad, which also makes me think pit. However, I'm not about to get a DNA test, so it will always remain a mystery.

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