Wednesday, February 25, 2009

we chose

I spent the weekend with my mom, a card-carrying Republican, and as could be expected I got a dose of Fox News. These fine folks refer to Obama as "The Chosen One," their heavy-handed satirical comment on the popularity of our new president.

After eight years of Bush, anyone's going to look like a savior. And Obama is actually acting like real one: he's focused, and he's concentrating his effort not on supporting a futile war, but on supporting us.

He is the chosen one, not as demigod, but because we chose him to lead our country.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 crows a week, that's all we ask

The birds are transitioning from big flocks to smaller bands. Last week was great -- three each day -- and as the days grow longer, so will the number of days per week we can go.

I need to be more on the ball with jump-ups, though. Time with the new dog has been keeping me from doing much more than tossing the bird a chunk.

Speaking of the dog, the hawk hasn't gotten him yet, though not for lack of trying. Fortunately the dog has usually had the smarts to make himself scarce when I'm dealing with the bird. Not always, though, and he's sure to find out why consistent behavior is a good thing.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

once bit but never shy

On Friday P caught a squirrel, which managed to bite him in the foot. It was just a superficial cut, very little blood. A little neosporin and everything is fine -- a slight swelling is all, and it looks better already. We caught 2 crows on Saturday and 2 today even though he was a little high, so obviously it isn't bothering him much. He's also eyeballing the squirrels now.

I've been roaming for new places, and found a few. I still avoid neighborhoods as much as possible and stick with industrial parks. Early in the morning, shopping malls are good too. They like construction sites -- newly turned earth -- probably for uncovered insects, but also for the grit. Recently I came across a flock of almost 200 at a pile of clean sand for construction. We caught one there, of course, but alerted 199 to the Silver SUV of Death.