Sunday, February 01, 2009

once bit but never shy

On Friday P caught a squirrel, which managed to bite him in the foot. It was just a superficial cut, very little blood. A little neosporin and everything is fine -- a slight swelling is all, and it looks better already. We caught 2 crows on Saturday and 2 today even though he was a little high, so obviously it isn't bothering him much. He's also eyeballing the squirrels now.

I've been roaming for new places, and found a few. I still avoid neighborhoods as much as possible and stick with industrial parks. Early in the morning, shopping malls are good too. They like construction sites -- newly turned earth -- probably for uncovered insects, but also for the grit. Recently I came across a flock of almost 200 at a pile of clean sand for construction. We caught one there, of course, but alerted 199 to the Silver SUV of Death.

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