Thursday, March 19, 2009

no bore Borges

I've been reading Jorge Luis Borges since forever. One senses infinite time in his writing, akin to Archibald MacLeish's poems. He presents you with an environment that surprises and tickles the mind. And I enjoy Borges's labyrinths and infinite libraries. Bridges always seem to pop up in my fiction and carry similar symbolic value.

I'd always checked him out from the library, so finally last week I splurged a few dollars at and ordered Labyrinths, A Universal History of Infamy, Dr. Brodie's Report, The Book of Imaginary Beings, The Book of Sand, The Aleph and Other Stories, and Ficciones. (Seven books for about $50 -- I love ABE.) A few arrived this week, so I'm going to be curling up for a while.

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