Sunday, April 26, 2009

probably a bad idea

I love goshawks in the abstract: in my eye they're the most beautiful bird of all, they're determined and they fly like jets. Given the right training they can be sweet on the fist and consistently deadly. But in practical terms, a tiercel gos really not right for what I've got. Ducks are only here for a few months, half of which is past duck season, gosses can chase crows pretty far (in carhawking this means significantly higher danger of losing your bird in a space you can't get to, like behind a building), quail and bunnies are nearly an hour away, and there's only one place nearby where pheasant can be found consistently.

But I still do love a gos... years ago I had one for a few months and would like to try it again. But maybe it's just not the right place for one now.

1 comment:

Steve Bodio said...

You are being too sensible.

But then, Gosses are an addiction...