Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shifting into spring

Mr P is giving the call almost every morning now: "Single male HH, 13 years young, looking for a sweet female to make a nest with. Excellent provider of sticks and food." Or at least that's how I interpret "ak-ak-ak-ak-gak-gak-gak-ak-ak-ak." Little bits of down are just starting to star the perch (only one alula has dropped so far), and his field behavior is not quite so enthusiastic.

The crows are nesting too. They've scattered out of their big winter flocks, have been playing with dried grass and twigs for weeks, and now they're paired up, a little scarcer and warier. This week wasn't quite so productive -- "just" 7 -- and I'm half considering putting P up early in hopes of taking him up early, when the young ones are getting on the wing and being stupid.

Put my name on a list for a tiercel gos... that'll be a challenge.

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