Sunday, June 07, 2009

season's end stocktaking

The molt is on. I have a habit of not porking the bird out 24/7 but rather keeping him where I can get him to flying weight within a day or two. For Mr P, that means around 650g. It's high enough to keep the molt strong, especially if I keep quail and chicken liver in his diet. To my embarassment, I haven't broken out a single quail in the past six months. Crow is good meat for hawks, and having a glut of fresh ones all the time, I forget the importance of varying his diet. The frozen quail are probably no good now, so I'll pick some up the City sometime this week.

The chest freezer is over half full; I'm guessing I have at leat 70 crows in there, all from this season, and after I gave L about 35 to feed his crew. I don't do a game count (the wall-stamping, though, will eventually get me specific), but a conservative estimate would be 275 for the season and 340 on the outside.


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