Saturday, July 25, 2009

lots o latte

My Rancilio Silvia arrived Monday and since then I've been cloistered in the kitchen like some mad scientist. I took apart my Braun grinder and adjusted the burrs down to get espresso fineness (and while I was at it, cleaned it for the first time in years.) I pushed on the bathroom scale to get a feel for 30 pounds of tamping pressure. The odor of burned grounds pervaded the kitchen. Glasses of sadly flat hot milk with a cap of stiff foam got tossed.

It took some self control not to practice more than 3 times a day, but I dislike tachycardia more than I like lattes. After a few days I found the right combination of grind and tamping pressure to pull an acceptable espresso shot. This morning, by luck, I did the right thing with the steam wand and got a beautiful microfoam, and immediately tried my hand at latte art.

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