Sunday, August 23, 2009

could anyone possibly fall for this?

A bit of phishing spam I got this morning at my hotmail account. I count at least a dozen grammatical and formatting errors you would never see in any business letter. And a proper phisher would at least have the name of their website obfuscated in some way. Which all goes to show that criminals are generally stupider than average people.

Dear Member.

We Here at Microsoft inc (MSN, Verizon, X-Box Live, MSN Live, Hotmail, Quest, And other services we provide.), are sorry to inform you that we are having problem's with the billing information on your account. We would appreciate it if you would go to our website and fill out the proper information that we need to keep you as an member.Please Update your account information by visiting our updates web site below.

James Brady.
Microsoft Updates Center
Account Team.

We do hope to continue doing business with you...

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