Tuesday, August 04, 2009

just about at the happy ending

I went through this earlier this year. I've been in love purgatory for quite a while, moving forward yet never able to fully let go.

But now she's coming back, and for good. Finally, she is absolutely certain she will never go back to him.

There will be a transition period while she ends her connection to her ex. (Personally, I wish she didn't care so much that she needs to do that, but if she must in order to be at peace, I won't stop her.) We've half resumed what we started, but once she's defined terms with him, we'll be completely free.

Although her words in the past couple weeks were the same as all the times she'd failed to follow through, I sensed she was really serious this time in a way I cannot name. I can't explain it: I slept well and rarely felt anxious. Those who believe in the psychic would probably say we're connected. Those who do not would say I just didn't believe her anymore, that I had finally learned to pay attention to deeds, not words.

It's a happy end. I'm in a bit of shock, but the same kind you feel when your lottery ticket comes up with all the right numbers. Monday, she said just about everything I'd wanted her to say, and it was so complete and definite that Tuesday I wasn't sure I had dreamed the whole thing...

Some folks here know what I've been through. They cannot be thanked enough for their sympathy, advice, and good thoughts.

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