Monday, August 24, 2009

my low rent espresso setup

Left to right:
Gaggia grinder (used, $120)
stainless steel tamper
plastic ice cream lid to protect from tamping dents in the wood (a little too late already)
homemade knockbox (plastic storage box, 6" bolt, 1/4" aquarium tubing)
Silvia holding up import-store-$1.50-each latte cups
stainless steel steaming pitcher from the old espresso kit

I just received a "new" steaming tip from Chris's Coffee Service. I just could not microfoam to save my life with the 3-hole tip, so the techs sent me a single-hole. I screwed it on and instantly produced a nice batch of microfoam, which eventually led to a falconer's latte: jack in the cup.

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