Sunday, November 29, 2009

sense always takes over, doesn't it

A friend had gotten a new tiercel HH, but due to a knee injury was no longer able to train him. I asked around and found someone. Since I was seeing my mom for the Thanksgiving holiday and my friend lived in the area, I figured I'd make it convenient for everyone and pick up the bird.

He's the progeny of my sponsor's HH, a nice gamey bird. In this eyas I could see a bit of her, too. He was a bit feisty and very quick. I haven't had a young HH in at least 10 years, so it was a pleasure to see his curiosity and focus. His siblings, I was told, are catching bunnies already. You could tell was so ready to go out and fly and catch something!A little sentimentality and a fat dose of sensed potential got me on the phone to the recipient. I told him I was interested in the bird and I wanted to hang onto it, at least for a little while. He seemed okay with that.

Sense reminded me I had only one bunny field within an hour's drive of me -- and that was on private property, escort required. Even jackrabbits are harder to find. There's so few wild, unfenced places left here. Sense told me although crow is certainly a good skill for a young hawk to have, I did not want to create another crow hawk. A crow hawking cast sounds cool but I don't think it's do-able, especially with a partner like Mr P.

I phoned the recipient the next day and said I'd changed my mind. He came by and picked up the tiercel that evening. I wish them both well...

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