Saturday, April 24, 2010

gone over to the dark side

Yep, I've done it... gotten a facebook account. I'm posting there and not here. For the miniscule number of people who actually read this blog, I'll update.

In February, I put Mr P in a breeding project, only to learn he's somewhere between an imprint and a misprint. I've emailed a breeder friend for advice. If he won't breed naturally with a female Harris, he might become a semen donor... we'll see.

It was something of a surprise to realize how much excitement hawking brings, and how one gets used to having it. I had never thought of myself as adrenalin-addicted, but apparently I had withdrawal. I haven't been without a hawk in about 8 years, and found myself itching to get out and hunt something. The pellet rifle gave me some replacement satisfaction, though it's not quite the same.

Recently I bought a nice shotgun from Steve Bodio and am trying to re-learn how to shoot one of those.

I took a class in TIG welding and built a couple of stainless steel perches. Fourteen words isn't enough to describe an entire month of effort, frustration, and deep satisfaction. I'm learning, I'll still be learning, and it's great.


Steve Bodio said...

Hmm- I wonder what a small portable indoor bow or ring perch-- for an Aplo- might cost...

Max Inclined said...

I'll price out the materials and get back to you. The bow perch is a lot less frustrating to make -- about 1/4 of the welding time as a rotating ring perch.

I made a nice collapsible bow perch for my friend Anna. Photos in the Project Perch album on facebook. That one was 26" wide, I could make something similar but much smaller.