Wednesday, February 02, 2011

testing the donation site

Laura is strapped for cash... this happens when you're a freelance journalist.


Babak said...

I hope your birds doing well, you have some amazing pictures of raptors, there just this power in them you can see in each image.

I would love to help your bird, but it seems like its now closed for donations.

Max Inclined said...

Thank you for the compliments and your generosity. The bird belongs to a friend and at this point is pretty much healed, though not perfectly. One eye seems permanently damaged with about 30% vision, but she's learning to compensate and is able to land on the glove.

Babak said...

Sorry Messed Up the last comment.

Birds are so resilient, I've been surprised that little footless Blackbirds I see running around on peg legs in parking lots and the occasional coot can still fend for its self, let alone manage to fly and figure how to compensate.

Was she attacked by a bigger bird, if I may ask?

Max Inclined said...

I've seen some birds who are amazingly capable after an injury, including a crow with a lower mandible that was growing upward and was nearly 1" longer than it should be.

Mariah was hunting near a loading dock which had a clear glass barrier on its edges. It's there to keep people from falling off the edge of the dock, I guess. Apparently Mariah saw some prey on the far side and flew full speed into it.

Babak said...

Oh WOW, its fortunate how things turned out. I have seen starlings do that to our windows several times with fatal results. It doesn't seem like birds can see glass.

That crow is interesting, found it in your posts, its funny there are other birds with as similar issue some examples I Googled really quick below.